1.  Small Metal Gods

“It's the farthest place i've ever been, it's a new frontier for me” Play / Pause

 2.  The Rabbit Skinner

“A gardener’s folly stands as proud as you please” Play / Pause

 3.  Random Acts of Senseless Violence

“I've put away my childish things, abandoned my silence too” Play / Pause

 4.  The Greatest Living Englishman

“And the love that he engendered would never be enough” Play / Pause

 5.  125 Spheres

“It was a flaming book of matches” Play / Pause

 6.  Snow White in Appalachia

“As soon as the sun rose the keys were in the ignition” Play / Pause

 7.  Emily Dickinson

“With a box full of postcards and no place to send them” Play / Pause

 8.  The Department of Dead Letters

“…” Play / Pause

 9.  Manafon

“There's a man down in the valley who doesn't speak in his own tongue” Play / Pause

 6.  Editions

Standard Edition:

Standard Audio CD.

Presented in a 6 panel digipak featuring artwork by Ruud Van Empel, art direction by David Sylvian, designed by Chris Bigg. The standard edition CD comes with a Credit Sheet folded and inserted into the digipak itself.


Vinyl Edition:

This two-disc deluxe vinyl version of Manafon is produced to the highest standards in a heavy, rigid card gatefold sleeve with design by Chris Bigg and featuring artwork by Ruud Van Empel and Atsushi Fukui. This release is limited to a one time pressing of 1200 units, and will be priced at $40.00 (US)

Both vinyl discs are manufactured in the UK using 180gm heavyweight vinyl, the album was mastered at Metropolis Mastering, London. Each disc comes in a printed card slip-case, and the entire package was manufactured by the same team that produced the Deluxe Manafon edition.


Spread over four sides, the album comes with a bonus track, a remix of “Random Acts of Senseless Violence” by acclaimed contemporary classical composer Dai Fujikura, which was previously unavailable outside of Japan.


Deluxe Edition (sold out):

CD and DVD containing:

i) the new feature length documentary “Amplified Gesture”. Executive Producer - David Sylvian.
ii) 5.1 surround sound (Dolby & DTS), and PCM stereo versions of ‘Manafon’.

Two (18.7cm X 24.1cm) Hard Back books inserted into a rigid slip case. An accompanying (18.5cm x 23.5cm) black on white high quality print of a portrait of David Sylvian by Atsushi Fukui, each individually signed by the artist and David Sylvian (only the first 2000 copies carry signed editions of the print).



This two-disc box set comes in two separate hard back, cloth-bound volumes which are themselves inserted into a cloth-bound rigid slip case. Each of the three cloth-bound items feature gold embossed lettering.


Volume One: a 40 page full colour printed, perfect bound book to accompany ‘Manafon’, featuring the complete lyrics from ‘Manafon’, accompanied by artwork from the artists Atsushi Fukui and Ruud Van Empel. The CD is the standard version of Manafon.


Volume Two: a 24 page full colour printed, perfect bound book to accompany the documentary “Amplified Gesture”. With a foreword by Clive Bell, this book contains photos and biographies of all of the contributors to the documentary.


The DVD is an NTSC Region 0 disc that contains: “Amplified Gesture” - a documentary (duration 55 mins approx). A trailer for the documentary may be viewed here.

Manafon Audio:

5.1 dts surround sound mixed by David Sylvian
5.1 dolby surround sound mixed by David Sylvian
PCM Stereo (48 kHz, 24 bit)

Mastered by Tony Cousins @ Metropolis.